Studio Retrospective

A YouTube channel I’m subscribed to is doing what I think is an interesting take on showing off your setup; change over time.  I just did a setup tour and had found some old photos of what I started with back in 2009.  So I went ahead and submitted it and maybe it will show […]

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Acoustic Treatment Hanging

A week or so back I got some acoustic foam from a friend cleaning out their storage space.  There were two reasons that as I put this up I wanted to make sure it could come down easily without damaging the walls; I’m basically borrowing the foam and second I’m not sure of location since I’ve […]

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Sonic Assault Studio

Okay so it sounds more impressive than it really is, but still I’m pretty psyched about it.   I’d been playing lots of Guitar Hero and Rock Band with (and without) the kids and I just kept thinking about getting out my real guitar and playing.  Some of the songs are actually easier to play for […]

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