Thought vomit

The last couple of months have been a bit chaotic.  From work to home projects to music it seems that while there has been forward motion, there just continues to be an unending number of tasks popping up.  I’m moving forward but the sidewalk is moving the opposite direction under me and keeping pace!  In […]

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Testing Ariba POA Scenarios

For the next set of scenarios, it’s a little look back to the PO scenarios.  Since purchase order acknowledgements (POA) are essentially the “answer” to a PO it makes sense that the PO scenarios are the road map.  I know that the CXML specification calls them a ConfirmationRequest, but I liken them to EDI 856 […]

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Testing Ariba Punch-out Scenarios

I’ve finally had some time to work on the punch-out scenarios.  If you’re not familiar with what a punch-out is, it basically is a way for suppliers to give buyers real time catalog information without the hassle of catalog file going back and forth.  How real time is that?  When a buyer is interested in […]

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Testing Ariba PO Scenarios

Since POs are the main document in the punch-out process, I figured I’d start with that one.  The fact that it is also the one I’ve done the most work on so far has nothing to do with it at all.   Please keep in mind that while I’m specifically calling out Ariba and cxml in […]

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