Thought vomit

The last couple of months have been a bit chaotic.  From work to home projects to music it seems that while there has been forward motion, there just continues to be an unending number of tasks popping up.  I’m moving forward but the sidewalk is moving the opposite direction under me and keeping pace!  In […]

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Christmas and a short look back

I’ve been doing more stuff on Google Plus lately and so haven’t really been keeping up with posts here.  But with Christmas just gone by and the new year right ahead I figured this would be a good time.  Christmas was great with the family especially with 2 new little grand kids.  They had a […]

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I have my degree!

After a little over two years, 21 classes, and endless amounts of homework I have my Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree.   To the other Michael who was there in every class with me and to Kristi who was there for a lot as well.  Team D rocked!  See you all in June.  Of […]

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