Framed Pegboard Build

When I started getting more into woodworking, my wife saw it as another thing for me to spend time and money on (and she isn’t wrong), but when I was cleaning out the garage, there was a piece of pegboard that had been kicking around for at 15 years.

So my wife had an idea to use that to hold some of the tools she uses for scrap-booking. She painted it with some leftover paint from a room, since it was sort-of white from sitting there. I framed it with some pine (the only thing I had to buy) and painted it black. I used lap joints to give my table saw and cross cut sled a workout and cut a groove using my router to give it a good fit. I did that both to get the pegboard a sold fit into the frame, but also to work on my router skills. It also gave just enough space between the wall to put in the pegboard…thingies. I used a french cleat on the back to secure it to the wall. That way it is both strong and invisible.

I think it turned out fantastic and my wife is loving the extra space in her craft room it brings. This build reminded me to take a closer look at what isn’t being used and keep an open mind to see if it could find a place for some other purpose.


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