Thought vomit

The last couple of months have been a bit chaotic.  From work to home projects to music it seems that while there has been forward motion, there just continues to be an unending number of tasks popping up.  I’m moving forward but the sidewalk is moving the opposite direction under me and keeping pace!  In addition my wife got a new job after 10+ years at her last one.  So my plan is just to puke it all out here quickly as an update.  Hold on, here we go.

Work – If anyone has any experience with manifesting in Oracle, I’m all ears.  It seems like it should be straight forward, but apparently nobody has actually done it before.  Or at least they aren’t talking. 🙂  Between that and XML Gateway I have found a lot of what it is, but not a whole lot of actual practical knowledge of how to make it actually function.

Music – I’ve been taking lessons and that has been great to talk through and learn more about the instrument.  I feel like I am starting to take strides again and move off the plateau I seem to have found myself upon.  So while I have ideas in place for a new EP, I have not spent a ton of time fleshing them out as I try to incorporate what I am learning.  I am looking to get more serious about writing again very soon. If you are on the mailing list you heard a bit of one of the songs.  I went out and saw the Intervals show, which included a ton of artists (Rest Repose, Save us From the Archon, Angel Vivaldi, and Plini).  It was amazing to see such talented artists up close and to feel the music.  I can definitely see a gap between them and where I am, but not so much that is wasn’t also inspiring.  Here is a shot from where I saw the show.


Home – This winter was not kind to the house.  We had a 25 foot tree blow down, the fence continuously try to fall over, and the usual assortment of yard work that spring brings.  Plus the carpet on our 15+ year old carpet (4 kids & 2 dogs) had to go.  So we got to learn all about the parts of the stairs and how to add skirting so that we didn’t have to pay for 48″ (they come in two sizes, 48″ and 36″) worth of board for 38″ of tread.  Though I have to admit I think it will look pretty good, it is taking awhile so I don’t ruin anything.  Each tread is $30 and that was inexpensive!  Here is a peek (not sure why it went sideways, it isn’t like that on my PC).


Office/Studio – I had last posted about the studio retrospective and course as soon as I posted that I ended up changing a ton of stuff, including building out rack space on my desktop.  Between this and the house project I find myself doing more woodwork than I ever thought possible, but I am finally getting better at it.  It of course started with a Youtube video of a desk I didn’t know existed and another Youtube video of an alternate monitor arrangement.  I just finished the left rack, so now you can get an idea of what it will look like (picture them painted black).  Switching to two SSD drives and an upgrade to Windows 10 meant a total rebuild of the PC software.  Changes everywhere!  Here is what it looks like from my perspective.


There you go.  3 1/2 months of life in 5 paragraphs!  Now maybe I will be able to finish off some of these projects…


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