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EP Retrospective

Posted: September 28, 2015 in music
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Now that there has been some time to look back on my first release, I wanted to put down some notes about what I think went well, and what did not.  Basically, do a post-mortem and look forward to my next project and try to avoid some of the pitfalls in the future.  From an overall perspective the main feeling is one of relief.  The thing really took me 4 years to complete, so it feels good to just be done.  I also am a bit in awe that I can see this on sites like Spotify and Google music.  When I first picked up a bass and got involved in a band some 20 years ago, it just wouldn’t even be possible.  Now that does not mean it will be a hit or anything, but that is amazing that it is possible to have my music, created in my own studio, available world wide.

What Did Not Go Well

I want to start with the bad and get it out of the way.  The first one that I hit on earlier is that it took way too long.  Between figuring out equipment, procrastinating for gear I might or might not buy, and questioning how good the songs were, I just never got around to seriously putting it down on “tape”.  I am not saying that the songs are earth shattering in any sense, but I liked them and three of them were done this year anyway.  I need to go with my gut instinct on what I want to add, or maybe figure out a way to find someone for an outside perspective or a producer.  I also did not do a good job of getting my initial levels when doing the initial tracking.  A couple of the mixes had to be pulled way down in order not to clip.  Lastly, was my inexperience in getting art work, attempting digital distribution and really how I can market it overall.  My brother was a big help with the cover and Routenote made it easy to get it to distribution, but I am still really not sure how to begin marketing my own work.  Again, I am not looking for this to be a hit, but after a month it has under 100 listens with the last track under 10.  So I will need to continue to figure that out for the future.  Kind of hard to scrape together some gear money if I cannot even find people to listen for free! 🙂

What Did Go Well

The best part is that I eventually got down what I heard in my head.  I put together five tracks that are reasonably coherent, show a moderate level of skill, and sound in the ballpark to those musicians who release music at a level that I can only dream.  I did it using an $80 interface, a $60 DAW, and a $400 guitar.  I did get to borrow a Mackie control surface and a bass guitar which made the finished product easier and sound better.  I used Routenote to sucessfully get digital distribution to a bunch of platforms.  Finally, I have to say finishing felt awesome!  In the end I am proud of what I created and I since I’ve worked one of the song from the beginning it is pretty crazy to hear how I first recorded and how I can do now.  Now I can say I’m not working on my EP, I have finished my EP!  It makes me want to find more amateurs releasing music.

Music to listen to: Echolapse.  Check them out on their Soundcloud account.   I do not know much about them yet, but I love the tracks they have posted.

I hope this sparks some inspiration for you!


Creating new music

Posted: September 11, 2015 in music
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Now that I have released my first EP, I’m looking to start working on new material again.  Ideally, I’m looking for guitar (me), bass, drums, keys, and a singer to create and play original tunes.   I’m looking for it to be more hard rock or progressive metal but I’d rather see what comes out of collaboration than set a specific genre.  Since I have not had much luck in the past trying to get responses, I think this time I will propose a new way to start the interaction.  If you are interested, let’s do just one song remotely.  It does not have to be a good song, but we can get it to a demo state by trading tracks through email.  If we think it works, great, let’s do another one.  If not we go our separate ways, no hard feelings.  There seems to be a fear of commitment to a “band” so I want to put those fears aside and get to the music.

This does mean though that you will need to have the necessary skills/equipment to record whatever it is you bring to the table in a reasonable fashion.  It doesn’t have to be studio quality but enough that it can be put into a mix.  Singing/playing into a phone should be good enough.  That is the only requirement.  I don’t really even care that much about the genre, but below are my influences, so you can get a feel for what I might bring with my guitar and/or bass playing.

My main influences are bands like Dream Theater, Rush, Kamelot, Megadeth, Coheed and Cambria and solo artists like Joe Satriani, Steve Morse and Marco Sfogli. But if you were to look at my Spotify or favorites you will see all kinds of stuff like Royal Hunt, Porcupine Tree, Andy James, Flying Colors, Tom Petty, The Vanden Plas and gasp Styx, Toto, and Firehouse.   I also enjoy harder instrumental stuff like Chimp Spanner and Scale the Summit so I’m open to something like that as well.

If none of that works out, I will apparently have time to work on my next solo EP. 🙂


EP Released

Posted: September 8, 2015 in music
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It has been many years, but I have finally finished a set of songs!  For better or worse my first EP, Echoes, is released today and it has five songs.  Of course, I’m trying to get this out on Spotify, etc. and since this is first time I have no idea how long it will actually take for that part to happen.  But you can find the songs on my SoundCloud account in the meantime.  So if you are interested you can start there.  This collection is basically impressions when thinking back on my teens/early twenties.  From “Taste Of Freedom” when I first was able to drive on my own, to remembering meeting my wife with “Song For Stacy”.  Throw in “Sanctuary” about having that place to relax and unwind and “Where Are My Sunglasses” for another driving memory about summer time in the Northwest.  The last one “Echoes”, is kind of a meta song with me realizing that for each of the songs I was drawing on the past for inspiration and looking to expand the dynamics in my songwriting.  Here is the cover art:


Overall, these are pretty straight forward guitar instrumental songs, but these are from my first “real” set of songs since I picked up the guitar again.  It has been a few years, but there definitely is difference when you go from playing the guitar to actually writing cohesive songs.  So this whole exercise helped me focus on that.  On this EP the drums were all programmed as I just couldn’t find the time to find a drummer and go through the process of getting those recorded.  Between the youngest kid graduating, my wife and I going to Costa Rica, and our third and fourth grandchildren being born I’m actually surprised I was able to find time at all.  In fact everything about this EP was basically done “in the box” to make it easier.  The only track recorded with a microphone was the radio voice stuff on “Where Are My Sunglasses”.  All the guitars and bass were recorded direct into my Line 6 Toneport UX1 and I used the PodFarm modeling software to get the tones I wanted.  I used Reaper as my DAW and just used the stock plug-ins to do EQ, compression, and delay/reverb effects.  A Mackie Universal Control control surface helped make mixing quite a bit easier.

I know normally an artist would tour after releasing new music, but obviously that isn’t going to happen.  Instead, I’ll continue to get better at the guitar and start my next EP soon.  Hopefully I’ll look back on this EP  as an amateur attempt because that means I’m continuing to grow in my skill both as a guitar player and songwriter.  I’m also going to see if I can find some collaborators to create music as well (hit me up if interested).  In the past I have not had luck, but I’m hoping this recording will help.  I will probably try to put out a video on what I used to record it and maybe some more details on how to use a Mackie Universal Control to help with the music making process.  I do already have one on how to connect it up to Reaper, but it can be setup to do a ton more so you don’t have to use a mouse and keyboard very much at all.  Anyway, let me know what you think.  If enough people like it maybe I can get my hands on a Mesa Boogie 5:25 and really take it to the next level.  If you want to keep up with my future music endeavors you can subscribe to my music newsletter (apologies for the weird link, I’m still getting used to MailChimp).