EP Update

It has been a while since I talked music, or really since I talked anything.  Regardless, I am almost done with my EP.  It will be 5 songs and be called Echoes.  I’m finishing up mixing and while I don’t have a solid date, I’m hoping to wrap that up in the next couple of weeks.  I’ve started into the artwork and am looking into how everything works to publish to digital media like Spotify and maybe iTunes.  Since I don’t anticipate many sales I’ll be balancing the cost of setting that up, so we’ll see where the final numbers fall out.  Especially since professional mastering is quite expensive!  But I do want the experience of finishing it out like a real album so that I can take that into my next project whatever it might be.

It seems like this has taken a long, long time so I appreciate guys like David Wallimann, Joe Gilder, and Graham Cochrane who have unknowingly pushed me to finish this project and not waiting until I have everything I “need”.  I look forward to adding more skills for my next project and hopefully I can figure out how to find people with which to collaborate.  You would think it would be easier now with all the digital tools at hand.

Anyway, you can hear the demos on my SoundCloud account until I release the EP.  The songs will be as follows:

Taste of Freedom


Where Are My Sunglasses

Song For Stacy



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