Stay At Home Winter NAMM 2015 – Day 4

You’ve got to get to the airport in a few hours, but you don’t want to leave yet.  You’ve seen a ton of cool stuff, so go back to your favorite and take another look.   Go in depth with that gear.  Really get to know it.  You know the sales person is excited and they are trying to tell you everything even though their voice is shot.
So pull it off the shelf and download the manual.  Watch a video or two to get the most out of it.  Figure out what that dial does and try it out.  Hook up the mic and record different things so you know what sounds good (and bad).  Open your DAW and explore the options menus and move stuff around.  Go through your plug-ins directory and find out what each does.
You’re exhausted as you head home but hopefully you have been inspired to create music again.
Now this probably was not as fun as actually going, but I wanted to have fun around hearing about all the new gear and hopefully you get some ideas for setting up your space to make music easily and to be moderately entertained.

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