Stay at Home Winter NAMM 2015

So this week the music world will be talking about a ton of new gear at the Winter NAMM 2015 show.  Like CES in the tech world, NAMM is a show in Las Vegas where music companies and music royalty will mingle to show off the latest stuff.  For me, and I am assuming, many other people, will not be going.  I know I will watch the announcements and probably drool.  But for those of us without the budget to get the gear being shown anyway, this can be a long week.  But instead of being bummed I want to use it as an excuse to go through what I already have and to get prepped for making more music this year.  I will call it “stay at home NAMM”.  Catchy?  Yeah I know, but I had to try.
So instead of fighting traffic and a crowded airport it seems logical that the first step would be to see what it have socked away in the closets and shelves.  Bring it all out into the open, get it out of the boxes.  It’s just like the show floor but without all the people!
Now that everything is out, it is a great time to pull each piece of gear out and clean it up.  A microfiber cloth and a can of compressed air will work wonders for getting each to look like new again.  If you have pedals with glue residue you can use a cleaner to de-gunk.  Look for old batteries and replace if necessary.  Does that piece of gear need tubes?  What about that tangle of cables.  Either get rid of any that are cracked or think about shortening them if you are handy with the soldering iron so you have solid connections.  The goal is to have all the gear clean and working.  If any of it does not meet that requirement it is time to get rid of it.
Just like on the show floor that first day is all about seeing the sights and getting a feel for what is available.

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