Studio/Office Walkthrough

So I tried my hand at video editing as part of adding to my creative skills (you can see it on my Youtube channel).  I used Lightworks, which has a free version, and my Samsung Galaxy 4S as the video camera.  It took a few false starts as I got used to how long I should take on a shot.  My first attempts were way too short to actually be able to do voice over.  The audio is another thing that changed half-way through.  I was going to originally start by talking on camera for the introduction, but trying to get the audio from the video and then put a cleaner voice over afterwards ended up being a lot of trouble.  I’ll have to work on recording everything to Reaper and synching that up.

For this edit I ended up with a rough script which I read through as I took the various shots.  That allowed me to get pretty close with the timing.  Then I edited those together and used my audio setup to record the voice over.  I then muted the original audio and put in a new audio track with the good audio.  I then put in some stills for the intro and rendered it out.  It seemed like it took a long time and I think I ended up with the audio being a little too quiet but overall it was a good experience and now I’ve gone through the complete process.  Next I’m going to try a short tutorial on how I hooked up my Mackie control surface to the computer for use within Reaper.  That should also be a great learning experience.


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