Office/Studio Rearrangement

I am coming up on a new year (trying the birthday as year for goal measurement), which combined with some research I have been doing regarding listening placement, I have decided to rearrange the setup of my office/studio space.  It looks a bit messy right now, but I wanted to focus on the monitor placement and get them the same distance from the wall on each side.  In my old configuration I had one smashed into the wall while the other had space behind it (see the before).
Now I have the desk centered on a wall and the speakers the same distance from the walls.  Next I’ll need to pull down some of the acoustic treatment and find the first reflections.  Once that is done I will then focus on fitting in the rest of the pieces.  For instance moving where my guitars are mounted on the wall, my speaker cab, etc.  I’ll post more as I go through each.  Maybe I’ll even try to do a video walk through at the end.

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