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4th song in demo form

Posted: May 24, 2014 in music
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It is going much slower than I would like, but I’m still making progress so that is good.  I have the 4th song in demo form and I like it quite a lot, especially the solo section.  It came together rather intuitively and even though it is a little cliche heavy it does have a good feel to it.  I’m now onto the 5th and final song for the EP.  This last one I’m going more for a prog feel than the more pop rock the other songs have.  In my mind it is a shift toward what I would like to head toward on my next project.  I’ve also started brainstorming the overall name and toying with ideas for the cover art.  Over at my Soundcloud account I’ve also created a playlist for the songs so far from the EP so check it out if you’re curious.  I’m hoping to get the last song structure sorted out this weekend and maybe into the different melodies.