EP Update

Graham Cochrane at the Recording Revolution threw down a challenge to create more music this year.  That hit me because I have various “songs” in process but have never completed a package of those.  So I am actively working on a 5 song EP that I want finished.  This includes the songs, recording, mixing, master, and packaging.  It will be instrumental rock type songs and while I think the songs are pretty cool, what I am really looking to is finishing the project.  A project that I can say is done.  Not a demo, not something I’m “working” one, but done.  What happens after that I do not know but I will have a finished project and the experience that comes with it.  Of the 5 songs I have two fully completed demos (you can hear them on my Soundcloud account), two with the arrangement finished along with the basic melody, and one with the rough outline and hints of the melody.  I am going with the working title of Taste Of Freedom and the track listing looks like this:

1. Song for Stacy [3:34]  Demo Completed
2. Where are my Sunglasses [3:40]  Demo Completed
3. Sanctuary [3:56] Song outline and rough melody
4. Taste of Freedom [3:24]  Song outline and rough melody
5. Let it Go?  [?] Rough outline
As I finish the demos I’ll continue to post those out to Soundcloud.  I’m hoping to get 3 and 4 into sessions so I can create the reference tracks this weekend.  Once I finish the writing I’ll move onto tracking as I’ve got new pickups and some borrowed gear that should be a big upgrade.  Maybe I’ll try to get some behind the scenes video as I move into that phase to document how I’m doing that.

2 thoughts on “EP Update

  1. I tried to get on board with that same challenge, but failed after a few weeks when I found I didn’t like any of the songs I started, my enthusiasm for the project dropped.

    But then a week later I found out about the RPM February Challenge, which is to write record and release 10 songs all in February. I dove into that and actually manged to complete the whole thing with a day to spare. Now I really only think about four or five of the songs are Ok, and the rest I could do with out, but the main goal was to start and finish the project, and that’s what I did.

    After being inspired by that challenge I came up with a similar for myself on my own. Basically I’m gonna try and go through my library of unfinished projects, pick four, and work on completing them in that month.

    Stick with it man, you’ll get there.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Yeah this is actually my second attempt at trying to complete this thing. 10 songs is an incredible feat, especially for the short month. Congratulations for sure! Good luck on the backlog.

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