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I’ve started a Coursera course for Android development.  We’ll see how much time I get for it, but I’ve got both Eclipse and Android Studio up and running with a couple of really simple apps to my phone and the emulator.  Week one was mostly that and some high level info about Android.  I’m definitely an Android enthusiast so I’m hoping to look more behind the curtain and ultimately get an app or two out there.  There are a few courses that follow that go deeper into mobile devices and the “cloud” so hopefully I’ll learn a bunch of new stuff.


Today I got the right tool for installing my new pickups in my guitar. I will have to say I am glad I waited as the soldering part of the project was so much easier to accomplish. Funny enough though as I started through the install it turned out that the wire strippers I have did not go small enough for the wire used in the pickup. I thought about this post but after double checking the garage I decided to use plan B which was a utility knife. I could have gone to the hardware store for another pair of wire strippers (and knowing this I probably will sooner than later) but in this case the down side was minimal. It just took me maybe 30 more minutes than if I had the proper tool. So I finished the project with imperfect tools but it is done and I’m thrilled with the result. If you are interested I have sound example from both sets: and

For those interested in more details, I got a Crunchlab in the bridge and a Liquifire in the neck. Both are from DiMarzio.

This was my first time doing any work on the guitar beside string changes. It was pretty straight forward if you have done soldering before but there were two things that slowed me down. One was the wire on the new pickups was thinner than any of my wire strippers so I was forced to use a utility knife which wasn’t so easy. Second was the fact that the springs and screws for the replacement pickups wasn’t the same as the OEM. So I ended up cutting the spring in half and used the original screws because they were going directly in the wood. Overall I’m pleased and can’t wait to start playing and recording with them.


Edit: I forgot to add that this post is not really sponsored by Acroma – Orbitals.