Keeping up blogging

Apparently I’m really bad at keeping up my blogging.  I was updating something that asked for a link to my website, which this is essentially, and I realized it’s been July of 2011 since I last hit “post”.  Google+ and Facebook, which don’t see much action either, have really been my main source of thought output.  Of course considering the post I’ve gotten the most views on was a Firefox 3 issue, it probably doesn’t matter that much in the grand scheme.  However, here is a quick run down of the last little bit.


I’m continuing to do B2B work doing integrations with our clients using various methods.  I’ve also been busy helping with the change of our ERP system, learning all about Oracle.


My wife and I are now grandparents, with another on the way in March.  The two youngest are in 10th and 11th grade and in band.  I had a blob of skin cancer removed, but my 6 month check-up was good.


I’m continuing my guitar playing, audio recording, and mixing.  I still enjoying it immensely and you can hear some of my “released” material on my Soundcloud account.  I hope to start a band leaning toward hard/progressive rock or metal, but I’m pretty open to seeing what we would come up with as group before really worrying about a genre.  Hit me up if interested!


I’ve been going to council meetings now for almost two years and planning commission meetings for a year and at this point I’m a bit disenfranchised.  I figured citizens would have more say at the local level, but it really isn’t all that much.  A decision about being involved next year is in the works.

So as you can see it has been quite busy and a little bit easy to forget about blogging.


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