Guitar Rig

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about my gear, or really any post for that matter, but I wanted to get a record of what I’ve got and where I want to go.  It’s more for my own information, but it might have some use to others as well.

Since what I do is really just a hobby, it is pretty simple and all the gear is used.  Here is what I currently have.

  • Ibanez Black RG 270 DX
  • Fender Squire Blue Stratocaster
  • Boss GT-8
  • Ibanez TS9
  • Tech21 Power Engine 60

Like I said pretty straight forward.  It gives me a ton of flexibility with my tone so regardless of style I can use it.  In addition, the couple of times I’ve jammed with other people it has been really easy to setup and take down.  It also works well for recording along side the Toneport UX1 I’ve had for a while.  For accessories I have an M-Audio UNO USB-MIDI cable that I used to connect to the GT-8, a 1SPOT pedal power adapter, and of course a bunch of cables to tie it all together.

Even though I’m happy with my current setup I’ve been thinking about where I want to take my rig.  Again keeping in mind that this is currently a hobby, I don’t have huge changes in mind just some substitutions with a couple small additions.  They are in rough order of importance.

  • Replace GT-8 with Avid Eleven Rack (combining Protools with the rig would make things even simpler)
  • Add some type of MIDI foot controller, though leaning towards Voodoo Labs Ground Control
  • Add a 7-string guitar, either an Ibanez RG series or Music Man JP series
  • Add select pedals like an MXR Phase 90 or TC Electronic delay, that kind of thing.

Realistically, some of the pedals may come first, since I can incorporate those into the effects loop on the GT-8, but it gives a sense of the “plan”.  In addition I can see extending the life of my Ibanez by changing out the pots and pickups.  I currently have Seymour Duncans and would like to switch out to the Dimarzio Liquifire and Crunchlab.  So there it is, my current rig with the outline of where I want to go.

[Update: I’ve added a quick youtube video “tour” of my rig and other equipment.]


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