Music Goals for 2010

Sigh, I’ve done tons of reading on lots of different sites regarding learning the guitar…there apparently isn’t a magic pill to take.  So that means I’ll have to get better the old fashioned way by practicing, but practicing the stuff that will allow me to create and play the music I want.  So that means setting some goals and this seems to be the perfect place to document them.  Now I know I’m supposed to have an overarching goal about what I want to do with my guitar playing, but I don’t have a clear answer for that yet.  It’s supposed to be something like “replace John Petrucci in Dream Theater”, but at this point in my life that isn’t realistic or even desirable.  So I’ll start with “be able to create and play music I like”.  How’s that for generic!

With that said I have some specific goals that if nothing else force me to accomplish something even if the end product isn’t mind blowing.  So in no particular order:

  • Record 3 songs: 2 originals I have half baked and 1 cover, John Denver’s “Take Me Home Country Roads”. (hey, it was one of my dad’s favorites)
  • Create a practice routine:  theory (notes, chords, progressions), technique (alternate picking, arpeggios, sweep), play along (songs, licks), and transcribing.
  • See if there is someone in the same place musically (1-2 years keys, guitar, bass and is into Dream Theater,  Satch, Porcupine Tree type stuff ) to jam with.  Can be in person or remotely (maybe google wave / pro-tools)

So there we go, the gantlet has been laid out.  I think they are all complimentary and force me to take some measurable steps.


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