Music Musings

First thing, and I know I’ve touched on this before, but it is still very irritating.  Why do music labels make it so hard to buy their music?  I have the Zune pass and was trying to get Derek Sherinian’s new album with my monthly allotment.  But alas, my credits aren’t valid for that album.  I can’t even download it to listen with the Zune pass.  So I figured o.k., it’s a new album, I’ll get an older one instead to at least support the artist.  Nope, same thing, though I can download it for listening.  That’s two albums, not songs, albums worth of material I couldn’t buy that I wanted to and the labels continue to complain about piracy and low CD sales.

Second, I’m curious if the labels/musicians check out zune marketplace for listeners of their music.  I’m not sure how iTunes works so the same thing might apply.  Seems like it makes sense that they should.  They could use those metrics to help build listeners or maybe even reward those who like them.  Could be as simple as recognition on the artist’s website or maybe first dibs on tickets when they tour.  Obviously I’m not an insider, but these types of things seem like easy things to embrace and musician and fan closer instead of making the fans work so hard and then berate them at each turn.  End of the rant…for now.


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