Sonic Assault Studio

Okay so it sounds more impressive than it really is, but still I’m pretty psyched about it.   I’d been playing lots of Guitar Hero and Rock Band with (and without) the kids and I just kept thinking about getting out my real guitar and playing.  Some of the songs are actually easier to play for real than they are in the game.  So around July of last year, I went digging for my guitar in the back of the closet, and started trying to remember the scales and the other stuff I used to be able to play.  It was a blast and even though the fingers complained for the first couple of weeks I kept on playing, trying to get back into some kind of playing shape.  I just played on the guitar without any amplification.

Then around August I decided it was time to hear what I was playing and maybe be able to record.  I didn’t want to shell out for a real amp, which would just annoy the rest of the family.  So I spent 90 bucks to get the Line 6 Toneport UX1 and the “studio” was born.    The amp modeling in the Toneport is great and since I was in the family room I could totally crank up the volume and rock out without driving anyone crazy.  I tried both the Riffworks demo and the free Kristal audio engine as my DAW.  I used both, but not a whole lot since there wasn’t much to record as I was trying to relearn what I’d forgotten from my bass playing days in the the early nineties and figuring out what was possible to do with the Toneport.

At the beginning of October I was still enjoying playing and starting to understand the basics of recording.  I had also experimented with Reaper and Ableton Live as my DAW, but decided that if I were going to get serious and actually buy something, I wanted what the pros use even if realistically I won’t ever be a pro.  So I got a Protools mini in a package that came with studio monitors and a condensor microphone for my birthday.  Yes there are tons of other just as capable DAWs available, but that’s what I decided to go with and it’s been great.  Of course, now I’ve had lots to learn with playing the guitar and figuring out Protools, but that’s all part of the fun.  So now I had the pieces for the studio even though it was in the family room.

Then in January, the oldest daughter moved out.  After the musical chairs with the rooms was settled, I ended up with a room to double as my office and a home studio.  After some cleaning, new paint, and a trip to Ikea I was able to start settleing into my new digs.  The family was a big help with that!  This past month my wife and I have been able to find stuff to get on the walls and start to make it feel more homey.  Now that it’s pretty close to finished, I figured I better have a name, but I wasn’t sure would be a good one.  Then I remembered telling somebody after I’d been to a Tool concert that what I had heard was a sonic assuault on my body.  That stuck in my mind and seemed to be a perfect fit.  Now to the business of actually creating music!

In the raw
In the raw

You can always check out the rest of the set on my flickr page.


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