Some updates

I’m realizing it’s been practically a year since I really actively posted, so thought I’d throw out some updates.

The Mazda 3:  Still absolutely loving it!  I’ve been relentless in trying to keep it clean, though Seattle winters make it tough to really keep it clean.  Mostly been annoying the kids and the wife about what they do when they’re in and around it.  No, it’s not weird to watch where your feet are going when you get in the car and for me to panic every time they open a door! 🙂

The Zune:  Also still loving it!  I have everything we own ripped now and on the Zune.  Gotta be careful though about letting the daughter play Kidz Bop since it shows up on the recently played list.  However, what’s made it even better are the changes to the Zune pass.  I didn’t even think about that until they allowed you to keep 10 songs per month.  I have done more music exploration since November than anytime I can remember in my life.  I know everyone raves about the iPod, but I wouldn’t give up my Zune now.  Extra bonus, the Mariners flagship radio station KIRO has now moved to the FM dial so I’ve been able to listen to the spring training games at work.  Try that iPod!


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