Sonic Assault Studio

Okay so it sounds more impressive than it really is, but still I’m pretty psyched about it.   I’d been playing lots of Guitar Hero and Rock Band with (and without) the kids and I just kept thinking about getting out my real guitar and playing.  Some of the songs are actually easier to play for […]

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Testing Ariba Punch-out Scenarios

I’ve finally had some time to work on the punch-out scenarios.  If you’re not familiar with what a punch-out is, it basically is a way for suppliers to give buyers real time catalog information without the hassle of catalog file going back and forth.  How real time is that?  When a buyer is interested in […]

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Testing Ariba PO Scenarios

Since POs are the main document in the punch-out process, I figured I’d start with that one.  The fact that it is also the one I’ve done the most work on so far has nothing to do with it at all.   Please keep in mind that while I’m specifically calling out Ariba and cxml in […]

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Some updates

I’m realizing it’s been practically a year since I really actively posted, so thought I’d throw out some updates. The Mazda 3:  Still absolutely loving it!  I’ve been relentless in trying to keep it clean, though Seattle winters make it tough to really keep it clean.  Mostly been annoying the kids and the wife about […]

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Testing Documents with Ariba

I’ve seen a lot of stuff about how Ariba can help you control your spend and how great it is for managers to see the information about where they are spending money.  What I haven’t seen is how Ariba, and by extension CXML, can use technology to help actually drive down the cost of transactions.  […]

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