The Zune a Week Later

Well I’ve had the Zune for a couple weeks now and thought I’d write up my thoughts so far.  The device itself is cool, and easily handles all the music I have.  Now just trying to get all that organized into playlists that make sense.  It’s sweet not having to try to keep music on both the home PC and the work one.  Just take the Zune.  Same with podcasts, I’ve been enjoying listening to those.

Two things I’m not fond of so far and they really are kinda nit picky, but hey better to know.  The first is cases.  I can’t believe how hard it is to find any good cases.  I’d love a clear acrylic case, but good luck finding anything.   Second the number of plays thing on the Zune card.  It shouldn’t be that big of a deal, but I love being able to see what people who like what I like are listening to and it doesn’t keep accurate counts.  Finding new music is why I love Pandora.  Of course it probably is partly my competitive side to, but for something that is supposed to help differentiate the Zune from the iPod, it certainly seems like Microsoft would want the working correctly.

So overall I’m still thrilled, but would like a couple more things to make it more my own.


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