New title…

…slightly different job.  Rather than just being a Software Development Engineer, I’m a Software Development Engineer – B2B lead!  Basically this means that I’ll be taking an ownership stake in the B2B processes and hopefully work my way into being a subject matter expert.  While it probably means that actual development time will go down, I hope that architecture type activities will go up.  My understanding is that I will be working with people inside the company to understand our client’s B2B needs, educate the company as to our capabilities, as well as helping with actual implementations.  My hope is that as I get a better feel for the B2B activities, I will be able to help set development direction with regards to B2B solutions.

With that in mind I have a couple of goals in mind as I try to ramp up.  I’ll see how well they fit into making me a better software architect.  They are in no particular order:

  • Get/create a central place for people in the organization to come to for B2B information
  • Discover and catalog the current systems that I will be supporting
  • Discover scope of new projects – also catalog those
  • Meet with the different audiences to get/set expectations
  • Determine a small set of metrics for those audiences
  • Document definitions!

So there may very well be more posts related to moving documents between companies in the future.  Not that I’ve been seriously prolific in the past.


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