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Well maybe not backwards…

Posted: September 25, 2007 in Software-Architecture

I had a rather terse post earlier about my career moving backwards.  That is how it seemed at the time, but often if one door is closed, another opens.  I will soon be doing a similar job, but with a different focus.  Hopefully this be a step along the architect path.  I’ll add more detail once it becomes official.


Video card went belly up

Posted: September 25, 2007 in Uncategorized

I came home last night to my computer sitting very quietly.  At first I thought the power went out, but when I tried to boot it back up I got a long beep followed by three short ones.  The smell of magic smoke escaping filled the inside of the case.  I was and am still not particularly thrilled.  The video card, heck, the whole computer is less than a year old; but I’m jumping ahead a bit.  This is not how I wanted to start the week.  So I used my wifes computer to see what that POST message meant.  Says it means my video is not working (most likely).  So unplugged it, booted up and got the same message.  Plugged it back in and got the same message.  Fortunately or unfortunately, I’m the only one in the family with a PCI-E slot so I wasn’t going to be able to swap it out to make sure that was what the problem really was.  So I made sure everything was off and played Guitar Hero II.

So today I went down to Fry’s during lunch to see if I could get a new card.  The service department was really helpful, putting it in a machine quickly to see if it would work.  They confirmed the diagnosis and I set out to get a new one.  Once again I was impressed as a sales associate helped me get the card I needed and pointed out burn mark that I had missed on the back side of the card.  So I now have BFG made GeForce 7950 GT OC.

So far so good, but now I’ll have to get a hold of PNY who made the card I originally had and see how good their warranty is.  I’m hoping that it was the video card itself and not something else inside the case that caused the problem.  Considering the fact I only have the motherboard/processor and video card in their I can’t imagine what else could be wrong besides the card itself.


Posted: September 5, 2007 in Uncategorized

Does it ever seem like your career is going backwards?