Prog-Metal mania!

Well earlier I was excited about all the music coming out this year. Now three of the disks have released! They are Rush, Dream Theater, and Symphony X. I’ll have to say, I’ve like what I’ve heard.

For Rush, I heard the album on a radio station. They still sound amazingly tight and I like the concerted effort to go back to their roots as a 3-piece. I’ll definitely pick this up at some point, but it is mellower than I was looking for, so I’m spending my money on the below albums right now.

That brings me to the one band I’ll plunk down money on a disk without hearing any of the tracks; Dream Theater. Though, I did sign up for the early single Constant Motion. Kudos to Roadrunner for doing that! That’s makes them my favorite label so far. As for the album, I love it! Once again they bring a nice heavy groove that shows they are one of the best bands on the planet. Maybe a little fanboy showing there, but hey I can deal. My two favorite tracks are Constant Motion and The Dark Eternal Night, but the album I thought was strong throughout. I can’t believe they are not coming to Seattle. 😦 Especially since the next band is opening for them on the European leg.

Lastly a band I discovered not that long ago through Pandora, Symphony X. It’s been a few years since any new material, but after getting V: The New Mythology Suite, I have been seriously hooked. This disk is amazing and completely worth the wait! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I’d have to say my favorite track so far is Serpent’s Kiss. However, Domination, The Walls of Babylon, Set the World on Fire, and Paradise Lost all are a close second. I am absolutely stoked to see these guys come through Seattle at the end of July.

[update] added a link to Pandora


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