Cool ideas to hear new music

I was looking at all the albums coming out this year and today I saw that some of the music is already out there to hear.  Dream Theater, through their label Roadrunner, is allowing people to download the song Constant Motion.  All they are requiring is an email address and some other info and you can get the mp3 (via, you rock!)  As an aside, the song is meaty!!

Another awesome idea that I actually like better than getting an mp3, is what Rush has done/allowed with a radio station to stream several of the songs from their new album.  The quality is really good, but every once in a while there will be a voice saying “Music On Demand”.  To me this is the best situation because you get full songs, not just 30 seconds, even with the interruption it allows me to hear the whole thing.  That allows me to make a much more informed decision about whether or not to buy the album (One again courtesy of  I’d love to see much more of that from record labels.


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