Giving Linux a try

I got a new computer a couple weeks back (had fun at Frys!) and part of that was a new 200GB drive.  So I split it up into 3 partitions.  One for windows, one for my data, and one for installing Linux.  During school I used Knoppix to learn a bit about Unix and I […]

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Nightwish is touring in 2007

Looks like a band I discovered not long ago, has chosen their new singer and will be on the road this year. It looks like Nightwish will be in Seattle on Halloween. Still trying to figure out if I can go, but whether or not it works out, I definitely want to go. Finding information […]

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Xbox 360 update

The new box has been fantastic!  No issues at all.  Been racing through Carbon Canyon, shooting people in COD3, and keeping the Mariners at .500 in baseball.  The 2 year extended warranty…gotta have it!

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