Y2K7 problem I didn’t know I had

When I got in today after a weeks vacation, I noticed the build was broken.  Not a problem I thought as we’ve had issues with the build “breaking”.  We just hit run now and it fixes itself.  However, this morning it staid broken after a couple of attempts at forcing the build.  So I check the error and there was an actual error.  Something cryptic about the version number being wrong.  So I let it go while I went through my email and rss reader.  Then I came across this post from Rob Mensching and my problem was solved before I even knew I had a problem.

The only real issue I had in fixing the problem is what my options were with the version element from msbuild.community add-in I was using.  I’ve settled on the NonIncremental rather than Date for the moment for the to get it building again, but I’ll have to think of a better long term solution before too long.  Hopefully by then I’ll have a better idea of what is possible with that element.


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