First solution architecture steps

I’ve been working with business to business area at work for a couple of years, pretty much by accident, but it has been pretty interesting. I started out modifying the ASP pages that essentially made up the system, dealing with the CXML ecommerce standard. About a year ago I made an attempt to convert that to .NET when we needed to add XCBL support for one of our clients. As I built this implementation I did some things to make it a bit more object oriented, but my main goal was to get the code base into .NET and support the new standard rather than to re-do how the code was architected.

Fast forward to today and we are beginning to actually re-architect how our B2B is done. We’ve spent the last couple of days trying to understand what we do currently and what the business is trying to accomplish and some of the ways we can accomodate that. It’s been pretty cool, though the group of us is rather inexperienced with the actual building of architecture, though we have someone on the team with that type of experience who is trying to guide us.

I’m definitely interested in this because it’s where I would like to go in the future. Of course one of my first questions when doing this is that we can’t be the first ones. I realize I am not going to get the code, and quite frankly wouldn’t want that, but I would have thought there would be some patterns available that could somewhat guide us. It realistically is probably my inexperience with what to even look for that is probably the real issue. We’ll see what happens.


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