Cooling fan

We were looking for jackets at Target yesterday and as an aside, why is it you can’t get the clothes for the season you’re in?  Anyway, since we were there I figured I’d check out the 360 area and found a 3 fan cooler that snaps onto the back of the xbox360 console.  So I […]

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My Christmas Gift

I wrote it at the top of my list, dropped hints left and right, filled out spots 2-4 with games for it…I got it! An Xbox 360. Along with the system, I also received an extra controller and two games. Call of Duty 3 and Need for Speed – Carbon Canyon. All in all, setup […]

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First solution architecture steps

I’ve been working with business to business area at work for a couple of years, pretty much by accident, but it has been pretty interesting. I started out modifying the ASP pages that essentially made up the system, dealing with the CXML ecommerce standard. About a year ago I made an attempt to convert that […]

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