Crimson Glory review

Overall I like this album, though it is more of a metal disc than progressive rock. You can tell it is a debut album from the mixing, but all the elements are there for a pretty good group. The vocals, instruments, and songwriting all show themselves.

It starts with “Valhalla”, a nice straight ahead rock and roll song. Next is “Dragon Lady”. This song is a bit more progressive and showcases the singer’s ability very nicely. I’m reminded of “Equinox” by Styx. “Heart of Steel” brings down the pace for a little bit, then hits hard. My favorite track is next with “Azrael”. To me this is the most progressive track on the disk, which probably explains why I like it the best. The next track is “Mayday”, which feels more like a radio track. It does have blazing guitars that show off the talent, but the overall song left me wanting a little. “Queen of the Masquerade” follows and gets back to more of the progressive metal and is not too bad a tune at all. I also liked the next song, “Angels of War” which has some good guitar parts and a more complex song structure. The last song is “Lost Reflection”. This is more of a ballad, again spotlighting the vocalists talent.

Can’t wait to hear the new stuff!


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