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I have my degree!

Posted: November 29, 2006 in Family

After a little over two years, 21 classes, and endless amounts of homework I have my Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree.   To the other Michael who was there in every class with me and to Kristi who was there for a lot as well.  Team D rocked!  See you all in June.  Of course I have to give a huge thanks to my wife who supported me in finishing the degree and putting up with the hours of homework and the looming paying of the the student loan.  Love you.


Crimson Glory review

Posted: November 12, 2006 in music

Overall I like this album, though it is more of a metal disc than progressive rock. You can tell it is a debut album from the mixing, but all the elements are there for a pretty good group. The vocals, instruments, and songwriting all show themselves.

It starts with “Valhalla”, a nice straight ahead rock and roll song. Next is “Dragon Lady”. This song is a bit more progressive and showcases the singer’s ability very nicely. I’m reminded of “Equinox” by Styx. “Heart of Steel” brings down the pace for a little bit, then hits hard. My favorite track is next with “Azrael”. To me this is the most progressive track on the disk, which probably explains why I like it the best. The next track is “Mayday”, which feels more like a radio track. It does have blazing guitars that show off the talent, but the overall song left me wanting a little. “Queen of the Masquerade” follows and gets back to more of the progressive metal and is not too bad a tune at all. I also liked the next song, “Angels of War” which has some good guitar parts and a more complex song structure. The last song is “Lost Reflection”. This is more of a ballad, again spotlighting the vocalists talent.

Can’t wait to hear the new stuff!