What kind of architect?

A little over a week ago I posted a note to the IASA Yahoo group asking about how to start moving into software architecture. In answer to my question, Chris Sterling (I know he’s got another blog, but darned if I could find a link) gave me another question along with some definitions: I would […]

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New disks on their way

I love progressive metal so for my birthday I’m getting two albums from Tower Records: Crimson Glory from Crimson Glory and V: The New Mythology Suite from Symphony X.  Crimson Glory just shipped so hopefully in the next couple of days I’ll get it and post my thoughts.  It seems painfully hard to get this […]

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From developer to architect

With my career based on Microsoft languages, I’ve been aware of and sort of active in user groups such as the old VB user group and .Net user groups in the Puget Sound area. While they showed new and future features in the tools and the languages, they never really got into how I could […]

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