Starting a build process

At work we’ve been working on an internal project. This project is different in that a group of us are working as a team on the single project. Usually we would work individually on different projects. As part of this project it has become obvious that it is much harder for us to use the usual ad-hoc process. That meant a build process.
I thought it would be easy to find information, setup the process, and get to coding. But, the information I found so far is mostly tool specific. Ant, Nant, CruiseControl.Net, etc. Great information for once you choose the tool. I’m not sure if I’m searching for the wrong thing or what, but what I found didn’t really help. I was hoping to find some best practices for what activities should be done around a build process, as well as things like how often a build is done and what outputs people use to take an accurate pulse of the project. Oh, well. I’ll see what happens as we move forward.


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