Starting a build process

Posted: September 21, 2006 in Software Development Processes

At work we’ve been working on an internal project. This project is different in that a group of us are working as a team on the single project. Usually we would work individually on different projects. As part of this project it has become obvious that it is much harder for us to use the usual ad-hoc process. That meant a build process.
I thought it would be easy to find information, setup the process, and get to coding. But, the information I found so far is mostly tool specific. Ant, Nant, CruiseControl.Net, etc. Great information for once you choose the tool. I’m not sure if I’m searching for the wrong thing or what, but what I found didn’t really help. I was hoping to find some best practices for what activities should be done around a build process, as well as things like how often a build is done and what outputs people use to take an accurate pulse of the project. Oh, well. I’ll see what happens as we move forward.

  1. […] Earlier, I mentioned that we are trying to implement a build process at work.  I still haven’t found much information on what a build process should encompass, but since we are using .NET 2.0 with Visual Studio 2005, a consultant was brought in to set us up with  It has been running now for a bit and I absolutely love it!  It is setup so that each of the two projects are built every 20 minutes from whatever has been checked in during the last period.  There is also a daily build that goes in the middle of the night and is pushed out to a test server.  It is fantastic that you can see in a very short period of time whether or not the whole code base is stable.  It gets rid of the “it runs on my machine” thing.  If it doesn’t compile on the build machine, it isn’t right. […]

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