Framed Pegboard Build

When I started getting more into woodworking, my wife saw it as another thing for me to spend time and money on (and she isn’t wrong), but when I was cleaning out the garage, there was a piece of pegboard that had been kicking around for at 15 years. So my wife had an idea […]

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2018 Year in Review

Last year, I did a review of my year and I figured I would do that again. Overall, 2018 was a better year than 2017. My work project went live and things calmed down a little bit as the kids settled into their lives away from us. That isn’t to say we don’t see them, […]

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Dual monitor stand

I’m falling behind on my posts!  I actually posted a video of my  dual monitor riser stand.  This time I tried to focus more on the build and do a summary after.  The summary is a work in process, but my main goal is to wrap up the project with what went well and what […]

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A Scrap wood box

A few months back, I took some left over cherry wood that I used to face some shelves in my office and cut some miters on my chop saw to form a rough box.  The chop saw really didn’t give me a good cut since the pieces were small and I was still trying to […]

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Work surface complete!

I’ve been doing all my shop work and DIY projects for the last two decades or so on plastic sawhorses and random sheets of plywood.  It has worked, but with the purchase of my table saw, it really was time to get a better work surface.  The saw is on a mobile base and my […]

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Three more rooms…

Three more rooms are in the books.  For each we have had to move the contents, strip off the baseboards, paint the walls, get and paint the new trim, install that trim, deep clean the carpet, and then move stuff back.  It has been a giant puzzle with at least one room looking like a […]

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